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State of the Beer Union!

This is our podcast about the beer community! You don't have to be a beer snob to enjoy and learn something from this show. It's myself, Ed Irvin and Steve Etchie, give it a follow and a listen!

We are always interested in talking to people who love our beer community. If you make beer, sell beer, drink beer, follow legal cases from all the beer companies that are suing each other... there's a little something for everyone here.

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  • 68. Sticker Pits and Secret Girlfriends July 6, 2019
    Todd and Debbie join us from Port Orange to share stories about Ed, sample a couple beers, and basically just have a great time.  Cheers!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 67. Pints With Pals July 4, 2019
    The most people in studio.  The most beer in studio.  What could go wrong?
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 66. Titusville Turn Up at Playalinda Brewing June 27, 2019
    FIELD TRIP! This week, we took a private jet to the Space Coast and had a fantastic time with Brewmaster Ron Raike. We are following our recent trend of discussing the history of the Central Florida craft beer scene, and Ron has been vital to the success of our industry. We discuss lots of topics, […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 65. Sittin' at The Sullivan with Mike Smith June 21, 2019
    We sit down and talk with Mike Smith, general manager of the Sullivan in downtown Sanford.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 64. Take You To The Graybar June 13, 2019
    Our first show with a Jeanna take over!  We talk about different Breweries in Cleveland, a former brewery in Puerto Rico, some music talk, and a few other things.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 63. Jeanna inc. June 5, 2019
    We talked with Brad from Enemy Ink for the first half hour and made 2 major announcements regarding the show's future.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 62. Support Your Local Brewery Before it's Too Late May 26, 2019
    We discuss end of Red Cypress Brewing Company and get a special beer delivery Beer Chugs N Harmony by Pontoon Brewing and Digi-Dude Nate.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 61. David Noboa and Boulevard Brewing May 16, 2019
    Stand up comedian David Noboa comes in the studio with various beers from Boulevard Brewing!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 60. Grumpy's Underground Lounge May 9, 2019
    This episode we talk to Amanda, the owner of Grumpy's, to learn more about her bar, which opened up about a year ago.  This was a really fun place to be and we urge all of you to check it out next time you're on Mills!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 59. Old Dog, New Tricks May 1, 2019
    In this episode, we talk about older breweries having a hard time keeping up with the times and trying something new. We go on about texting and driving and 40oz beers not being legal in Florida.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 58. Sun Rail Pub Crawl April 19, 2019
    We have a great brainstorming session in which we talk about the feasibility of doing a pub crawl, using the Sun Rail for transportation.  Lots of other interesting beer news you don't wanna miss!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 57. Crazy Lovejoy April 4, 2019
    Going off the rails, even before we listened to Crazy Town.  We drank Mr. Lovejoy from Hourglass Brewing and talked about the Stone lawsuit update and a bunch of other random stuff.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 56. Rockpit Brewing March 29, 2019
    We welcome another new Brewery to the neighborhood well talking to Jeremy and Danny about Rockpit Brewing and Orlando Homebrew supply.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 55. Wops Hops March 22, 2019
    We're on location at Wop's Hops in downtown Sanford, talking to the owner, Greg!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 54. Pints and Paul March 14, 2019
    We talk to Paul from The West End in Downtown Sanford.  Paul was the first mobile interview we did, near the beginning of our podcast's history!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 53. Pseudo Sue's Pickups February 28, 2019
    We welcome Toppling Goliath to Central Florida with their Pseudo Sue Pale Ale.  We discuss distribution laws and listen to another song by Silversun Pickups.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 52. Minor Trouble In Etchie's Little China February 21, 2019
    We welcome Etchie back from China and enjoy the delightful Naturday strawberry lemonade Natural Light and get an update on the goings on in the local comedy world with Lesley and listened to some great music while drinking.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 51. Chickity China February 14, 2019
    This week we talk about the new beers from Dog Fish Head, drinking a double IPA from Intracoastal and learn about one of the industry's most notorious scam artists, Stephen Foster.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 50. Thirsty Manchild February 7, 2019
    This week we catch up with Ron of The Thirsty Topher and are unexpectedly joined by reps from CANarchy and Cocoa beach's Dirty Oar brewing.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 49. Pour Some Nora On Me January 31, 2019
    This week we visit the local institution Nora's sugar Shack. Talk about her life in the beer business and discover why she is a pillar of the local craft beer community
    PFT Media, LLC

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