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SOO many Tidbits!

What is Tidbits? It's a podcast!
What's it about? It depends on the episode!

Who's on it? Steve Etchie and Lesley Jo. I was added as co-host to Tidbits in January 2019, and it's been non-stop fun ever since!

Tidbits is an edited show, interview and/or story with or without a guest, pieced together in segments.

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  • 59. Made From Scratch July 17, 2019
    This is an interview-free episode, which we're looking to do about once a month.  We go over things like what "Made from scratch technically means, what we think of Beiber being in a Billie Eilish remix, Minorities being cast in white roles, and a few other juicy bits.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 58.2 Samantha Ivey: 6 Cats and the City July 11, 2019
    We were thrilled to set down with Samantha Ivey in Downtown Deland at Abbey Bar, before she moved away to NYC! We discussed lots of things, including putting fries up noses, crying in bars, public transportation and much more! Please subscribe, and follow to follow her on her journey!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 58. Daniel Dennis Has a Butt-a-rific Day (Part 2) July 3, 2019
    This is the 2nd installment of the Daniel Dennis interview, and to be honest, we could have recorded all day.  We FINALLY get to the subject of Hot butt.  This is something I've been wanting to talk to him about for years!  We also have Daniel try out the Writing Prompt Wheel and talk about […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 56. Daniel Dennis Part 1 June 26, 2019
    We talk to Daniel about  Red Cypress closing down and what that means for their beer, and many closer, chummier, things.  Because we tight like that.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 55. Red Dot In The Tree June 19, 2019
    In this episode we interview Tardolphin!  He was on Answer Pants with Etchie and this is the second time he's been on Tidbits.  This episode is a whirlwind.  You're gonna love it.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 54. Games! June 12, 2019
    We have a couple of games we wanted to try out during the episode.  They're the way we decided to create a writing prompt for our new monthly writing workshop at The Nook on Robinson.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 53. Big Biker George June 5, 2019
    Stand up, addiction and bald-headed hoe shit.  It's a good time.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 52. Jake Ricca May 29, 2019
    We talk to stand up comedian Jake Ricca about Bouncing and sleep paralysis, among other things.  Follow him on social media!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 51. Darkness May 22, 2019
    We interview Darkness, the co-host from Chico's Brain, about his hobby.  BDSM.  This is one of the best episodes, as both Etchie and Lesley don't know know that much about it.  Etchie more so than Lesley.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 50. Mid-life Callback May 15, 2019
    Etchie and Lesley start talking about 2nd grade, but then move all over the scholastic spectrum, from Kindergarten to graduation.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 49. Comedy Daps with Isaac Knox May 8, 2019
    We sit down with Isaac Knox and talk about his improv rapping, and his emergence on the comedy scene.  We talked about Etchie's birthday and special guests that were in town.  The Dennis Scott jersey in the studio was mentioned for the second episode in a row.  Maybe the Magic are onto something?  Maybe this […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 48. Abbey Bits: Motivational Realty May 1, 2019
    During Lesley's "Drafts and Laughs Special Event", I sat down and interviewed with motivational speaker Inez Bracy and Realtor Barb Girtman! This event was different because it was a networking event, so there was a whole lotta talking going on.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 47. Ben Brainard April 24, 2019
    We interview Stand up comic Ben Brainard!  Topics include watching kids at the YMCA, throwing up on purpose to get out of trouble, and a gnome tree, among other things.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 46. Notre Dame April 17, 2019
    Lesley and Etchie record out back of Celery City, talking about The tragic burning of a sacred building, the odds of other monuments burning down and how we would feel about it, and how the internet is full of assholes.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 45. Magnetic Butt Vests April 10, 2019
    We talk about how to get Zoey to close the studio door behind her, talk about a skyscraper that could be hung from an asteroid, and accidentally play audio of us making noises while we're trying to end the episode.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 44. Nonsense-abella April 2, 2019
    Lesley and Etchie sit down with stand up comedian Joe Censabella and talk about... I don't even know.  Just listen to it, you'll be glad you did.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 43. Anwar March 27, 2019
    Etchie and Lesley get an interview with Anwar Superstar.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 42. A Corporate Disability March 20, 2019
     This one is just the two of us!  We talk about the White House looking to monitor people on Social Security Disability on Facebook to potentially take away their benefits, and we discuss yesterday's episode of Tom and Dan that we were on, among other things.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 41. In Search of a Guru March 13, 2019
    Lesley and Etchie talk to Andrew Steiner about eastern world travel and what kinds of trouble and adventures you can get into.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 40. Etchley's Wild Ride March 7, 2019
    We ran around all over town and visited our friends at several locations, including, but not limited to: Nora's Sugar Shack, Finnhenry's, The Nook on Robinson, Lazy Moon Pizza, Hourglass Brewery, running into friends at just about every stop.
    PFT Media, LLC

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