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SOO many Tidbits!

What is Tidbits? It's a podcast!
What's it about? It depends on the episode!

Who's on it? Steve Etchie and Lesley Jo. I was added as co-host to Tidbits in January 2019, and it's been non-stop fun ever since!

Tidbits is an edited show, interview and/or story with or without a guest, pieced together in segments.

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  • 74. Feeling the Tidbitty Meats December 14, 2019
    We sit down with local podcaster, comedian, and CrossFit champ Erick Feiling and discussed everything except religion or politics! We also got him to tell us his secrets about... Ack! You just need to listen!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 73. Bitten Up The Tid December 5, 2019
    We are back! After a few very busy weeks, and a few days under the weather, we are excited to bring you episode #73! We are in studio discussing all of the bits of Tid, and we cover lots of ground. So many updates!! So many tidbits!! Also… Please know you’re invited to our event […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 72. Asheville November 14, 2019
    We talk about our trip to Asheville and the Volusia Beer Bus Tour that Lesley put together.  It just happened!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 71. Hanging Around October 31, 2019
    We were just hanging around the house today and decided to go around recording whatever we felt like recording, and checked out the pool for the first time.  This episode is really different like so many are.  Let us know if you have a specific favorite segment and we'll keep it around!  Until then, we'll […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 70. The Shih Tzu Review October 24, 2019
    This is one of our guestless episodes where the two of us just chat about various things.  We tried a couple of new things on this one, including a new segment as indicated by the episode title.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 69. Aimee LeCours October 17, 2019
    We talk with stand up comedian and all-around good person, Aimee Lecours!  There was lots of talk about growing up, and we learned that she was a figure skater.  Neither of us had any idea.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 68. AuthenTITOcy October 10, 2019
    We speak with Rhonda Michelle this week about relationships and what parts of entertainment she dabbles in.  Sometimes it's not so black and white.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 67. Fissues with Sinbad Pants October 2, 2019
    We're settling into new Studio 27 and this week it's just Etchley on this episode. We cover lots of topics that we have personal experience with, and we learned about some fun phobias that are eerily specific. Thanks for listening and subscribing!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 66. Spinning Stories with Broncho September 26, 2019
    We start off with a wheel exercise again and end up talking about a Sci-Fi idea Etchie had, Home inspections, having people call your cell looking for the last owner of your number, and a bunch more.  Thanks for listening!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 65. Trending Topics and Girls using Power Tools September 12, 2019
    We think about thousands of ideas to talk about, and this is what we ended up with. This week we talk about being exhausted with keeping up; we delve into our opinions on other people and their relationships and we announced who is the next pop culture icon. Also we thank our listeners for being available […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 64. Aaron Duvall September 5, 2019
    This week we sat down with local comedian Aaron Duvall! We talked about car accidents, stealing jokes and how people don't always laugh out loud while at comedy shows. Aaron is gearing up to start his own podcast, give him a follow to check out what he's up to!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 63. Ambushing The Reaney's August 28, 2019
    It was Debbie's birthday and we brought a 24-pack of Naturdays and the recording equipment to their house.  We ended up playing some card games and Lesley and I stayed the night.  This was a great time.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 62. Tony B. (NAS)TY August 28, 2019
    We speak up with stand up comedian and past podcaster Tony B!  Lots of fun banter and we play the most complex game yet!  Didn't turn out too bad either!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 61. Ken Kardatzke August 8, 2019
    Ken is back! For anyone that has heard him on his show Full Frontal Nerdity, or heard him on the first episode of Tidbits he was on, you know you're in for a treat.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • Comedy Von Taborsky August 1, 2019
    August 8th at 8:00!  8/8 at 8:00!  So easy to remember!  Come hang out with us at The Nook!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 60. Ry's House of Tang August 1, 2019
    We talk with Ry, the host of Disclaimers Not Apologies and we talk about taking road trips and countless other things you should really hear!  Don't deprive yourself of this goodness!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 59. Made From Scratch July 17, 2019
    This is an interview-free episode, which we're looking to do about once a month.  We go over things like what "Made from scratch technically means, what we think of Beiber being in a Billie Eilish remix, Minorities being cast in white roles, and a few other juicy bits.
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 58.2 Samantha Ivey: 6 Cats and the City July 11, 2019
    We were thrilled to set down with Samantha Ivey in Downtown Deland at Abbey Bar, before she moved away to NYC! We discussed lots of things, including putting fries up noses, crying in bars, public transportation and much more! Please subscribe, and follow to follow her on her journey!
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 58. Daniel Dennis Has a Butt-a-rific Day (Part 2) July 3, 2019
    This is the 2nd installment of the Daniel Dennis interview, and to be honest, we could have recorded all day.  We FINALLY get to the subject of Hot butt.  This is something I've been wanting to talk to him about for years!  We also have Daniel try out the Writing Prompt Wheel and talk about […]
    PFT Media, LLC
  • 56. Daniel Dennis Part 1 June 26, 2019
    We talk to Daniel about  Red Cypress closing down and what that means for their beer, and many closer, chummier, things.  Because we tight like that.
    PFT Media, LLC

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